Spokane’s New South Landing to Revolutionize the University District and Lead the Way for Collaborative, Sustainable Development.

The South Landing Partners


Avista is re-imagining the future of energy with our Catalyst and South Landing Eco-District. It’s the latest example of our 130-year rich legacy of innovation. What we learn will support a reliable, affordable and clean energy future for all of us.

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McKinstry is continuously looking for ways to drive waste out of the built environment on the march to fulfill our vision of building a thriving planet. This exciting project has the potential to be a model for future developments across the country.

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Katerra is proud to be a part of this landmark project, which represents the best of economic vitality, innovative building, and positive community impact. We believe Catalyst has set the bar and will inspire a new generation of high-performance, sustainable buildings.

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Michael Green Architecture

MGA creates buildings and places that contribute to community wellbeing through innovation in sustainable architecture and developing carbon-neutral buildings with advanced wood construction. The Catalyst building is an example of how we can build a beautiful, elegant project that serves both people and planet in a meaningful way.

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Eastern Washington University

Eastern Washington University is committed to pushing the creative and high-tech vitality of the region forward. Now, to better power local business and industry, Eastern will expand as the primary tenant into a state-of-the-art space never before seen in our area: The Catalyst building.

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Emerald Initiative

Playing a key role in creating a vibrant learning and innovation hub that will continue to be an economic asset to the City of Spokane.

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